We are able to work with customer to develop new casting part or component with the following services:

Investment Casting
Mold design & fabrication
Rapid prototyping using actual material through additive manufacturing of wax patterns
First article engineering
Print to casting
Nadcap certified processes
Precision Machining
CNC precision machining with tight tolerance & surface finish
5-axis complex profile machining
Deep hole drilling & boring to high concentricity
CNC Tube Bending
Soldering and Brazing
Surface treatment (Chemical conversion coating, anodizing, passivation, hard chrome plating, EN plating, electro-polishing)
Assembly of final products

Manufactured Products

Aerospace pneumatic & hydraulic housing
Hydraulic component for oil & gas applications
Medical tooling parts
Engine accessories
Air flow casting
Heat sink of RF generator for wafer and avionics industries
Machined casting for Electro-Optics system and avionic